Amelia Earhart visits Midwest just months before her Final Flight!
Amelia Earhart Visits the Midwest | Quincy, IL
Just nine months prior to her fateful flight, Amelia Earhart, the world’s most famous female Aviator, would make an appearance in Quincy, Illinois.
Amelia Earhart was famous for her flying feats but she arrived in Quincy for a speaking engagement behind the wheel of an automobile.
At the invitation of the Women’s Business Club, Earhart agreed to give a lecture in Quincy. The lecture would take place at the Quincy High School (Now Quincy Junior High School).
On October 15, 1936, For more than an hour, she recounted her numerous aeronautical adventures. She stressed the safety of commercial aviation to the audience, stating “Based on the flying the average person will do, you would reach age 128 before being involved in any type of accident - not fatality-but any type of accident to occur”. She then said she hopes those in attendance would not wait until 128 to fly, as flying is the most modern, safe and economical way to travel.”
While in Quincy, Earhart would spend the night in the home of Colonel L.P. Bonfoey, located at 1651 Maine Street. She was hosted by Mrs. Bonfoey, as Colonel Bonfoey was away in Chicago meeting with President Roosevelt.
Earhart’s last flight would be during her bid to become the first pilot to circumnavigate the globe, Earhart departed Lae for tiny Howland Island—the next refueling stop—on July 2. It was the last time Earhart was seen alive. She lost radio contact with the U.S. Coast Guard cutter Itasca, anchored off the coast of Howland Island, and disappeared en route.
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