Abandoned Stone Arch Bridge in Central Illinois
Fall Creek Stone Arch Bridge | Adams County, Illinois
Now a favorite backdrop for Family photos and hiking trail, the stone arch bridge near Payson Illinois was an important creek crossing for farmers and travelers crossing Fall Creek in the early 1900’s.
Built in 1855 by engineer and designer Joseph C Elliott of Payson, IL (Adams County Illinois). The bridge spans Fall Creek in a near perfect arc a distance of 43 feet at a height of 35 feet from the creek. The bridge is constructed from limestone, gathered nearby. The bridge was closed to vehicles in 1949. A new bridge was built 200 feet south of the stone arch bridge. Mr Elliott built five bridges in Monroe County Missouri. One bridge still exists, being the Union Covered Bridge southwest of Paris Missouri and is open to pedestrians.
The Bridge was added to the national historic register in 1996. It is owned by the state of Illinois.


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