Lost Plantation of Ralls County, Missouri
Abandoned 1800’s Plantation | Ralls County, Missouri  
Just outside the small Missouri town of Frankford is an abandoned plantation home with an incredible history.
Originally built in the early 1800’s by General Stephen Cleaver, it is likely one of the oldest homes in Ralls County. Sadly, the property has fallen into a complete state of disrepair.
The general became an Indian fighter in his native state as a result of his antipathy for the "red man of the forest," which he acquired as the outcome of his early experiences with them. As a youth in his home state he was shot through the knee, made a captive by Indians, and forced to live among the tribe for some four years. He escaped and was made commander of the troops that were sent against them by the state, and gave distinct aid in subjugating the band.  Stephen Cleaver was reportedly a fine surveyor and marksman, and an associate of Daniel Boone.
Cleaver’s arrival in Missouri was in 1817, after having served in the military during the War of 1812 where he fought in the Battle of New Orleans.
Once in Missouri he bought a sizable property of around 500 acres and would begin construction of the home and improving the surrounding farmlands, where he would live until his passing in 1846.
The first school house in Ralls County Missouri was located on the Cleaver Farm.
Sadly we've learned this site has been town down, due to years of trespassing and vandalism.  


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