Missouri housed more than 15,000 POW’s During WWII
Missouri POW Camps | Located throughout Missouri during WWII
In September of 1944, Two hundred German Prisoners of War from Clarinda, Iowa were brought to Hannibal, Missouri.
As they entered town through Main Street along Warren Barrett Drive, they were given food by the citizens of Hannibal to welcome them to their makeshift home in Clemens Field.
A POW camp was for people who were caught in battle, not to be confused with an internment camp which is for people suspected of sabotage or espionage.
The task that lay ahead for these prisoners was to match more than 2 million pairs of military boots, a small amount compared to the 126 million pairs the U.S. Government needed sorted from liberated countries.
Several other camps were throughout Missouri during the same time period, including one nearby in Louisiana, Mo.
 "The Enemy Among Us" is a great read if your interested in learning more about the POW's in Missouri:
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