Siloam Springs State Park | Abandoned Mineral Springs Resort
Siloam Springs State Park / Former Mineral Springs Resort | Adams County, IL 
20 miles east of Quincy lies 3,500 acres of what some call "the most beautiful state park in Illinois" - Siloam Springs.
But long before it was a state park, it was a community of about 100 people. Back in the 1800's, people came from all over the world to visit Siloam for its five mineral springs.
When the mineral springs were discovered at Siloam Springs, the land owner decided to sell and ship the spring water across the country. After a lot of success and demand for the waters became apparent, a three story, 40 room resort was built - The Forest Hotel.
Since its grand opening in 1887, travelers from across the world came to stay and take advantage of the spring water. Some famous travelers included the circus, as both Barnum & Bailey and the Wringling Brothers Owners both stayed at the Hotel when in the area.
The community started to build itself around the hotel. It became a thriving community centered around providing for guests of the hotel and springs.
Today, you can still see one restored spring house and the original foundation of the Forest Hotel - but that is all that remains of old Siloam.
The State of Illinois purchased all of the land in the 1940’s and in 1943 held a land auction to sell off the structures on the site, once purchased, buyers had two weeks to remove the structure, with most being dismantled for lumber. After the sale of the property, many residents of Siloam moved to nearby Quincy, Illinois.
Today the park is a Mecca for outdoor enthusiasts, with a large lake for fishing and boating, numerous hiking trails, as well as camping and hunting opportunities.


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