This Covered Bridge in Missouri turned 150 years old in 2021!
Union Covered Bridge | Monroe County, Missouri
The Union Covered Bridge State Historic Site in Monroe County, Missouri, is maintained by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources as a state historic site to preserve the Union covered bridge.The bridge was built in 1871 across the Elk Fork of the Salt River as a link in the Paris-to-Fayette road. Its name comes from the nearby Union Church. In 1968 a partial restoration was completed using materials from the Mexico Covered Bridge, which flood waters had destroyed the previous year. In 1970 the Union bridge was closed after structural timbers were damaged by overweight trucks. A total restoration was completed in 1988. The bridge was entered on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.
The bridge measures 120 feet in length and features a Burr Arch span that is 17 feet 6 inches wide and 12 feet high. Joseph C. Elliot built the bridge in 1871 from local oak. It is sided in clapboard and uses wood shingles. Two earlier uncovered bridges at this site were replaced in turn due to deterioration.
Portions of siding were removed as an emergency measure in 2008 when the bridge was threatened by severe flooding. Removal of the lowest siding allowed the stream to flow freely through the understructure of the bridge, thus sparing it the full force of the current. The bridge was saved, and was fully restored in 2019.
Today the bridge is a state historic site, where visitors can learn about the history of the site and enjoy photographing and hiking on the grounds.


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