Thousands of Immigrants once called this current Ghost town in Missouri Home!
Continental Cement Co / Ilasco, Missouri | Hwy 79 Hannibal, Mo
The Atlas Portland Cement Company plant was built in the early 1900s, and the village of Ilasco began as immigrants from Eastern European countries like Romania, Slovakia, Italy, Poland, Hungary, Croatia and Ukraine settled the village three miles south of Hannibal, near the plant which became Continental Cement Company.
Cement from the plant has been used in many iconic construction projects, such as the Empire State Building and the Panama Canal. More recently, cement from Continental Cement has been used in the Minnesota Vikings’ new football stadium and the St. Louis Cardinals’ newest baseball stadium. The factory employs around 200 people.
A newly painted mural by Ray Harvey Art in downtown Hannibal, Missouri celebrates the History of the people who immigrated here and how through their hard work and sacrifice, influenced the region today.
Today the remnants of a cement company ghost town are found in Ilasco, including the old concrete jail built in 1909, eye-catching monuments and 8 national flags memorializing the ethnic heritage and history of Ilasco. Ilasco once had a population of as many as 3,000 ethnically-diverse residents before 1914.


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