Years before Roswell, Missouri has a reported UFO Crash of it’s own!
Alleged UFO Crash | Cape Girardeau, Mo
Six years before the infamous alleged UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, another reported UFO crash took place just outside of Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The story is eerily similar to the supposed coverup that took place in Roswell, with a few stark differences.
The story differs in that a local minister was called in to read last rights to a survivor of the crash. The story he would later relay to family members regarding the incident could make for a great science fiction movie!
Reverend William Huffman, a minister near where the crash occurred was called by the local sheriff to assist in delivering some sort of last rites at a plane crash. That's what the Reverend was under the impression that he was going to do. A car arrived at his house which was nearby (the current Redstar Baptist Church location), and they drove about 18 miles or so outside of Cape Girardeau closer to the Chaffee area. When they showed up on the scene, it was not a plane crash, it was, allegedly, a flying saucer, a classic silver, round disk that had crashed, that had started a fire. There were police and fire there to take care of the scene, put out the fire on a local farmer's field.
The Reverend looked inside of the flying saucer and saw wires and components of some sort of alien design. There were strange hieroglyphics and bizarre knobs and dials. The Reverend knew that he couldn't really give the last rites.
There were said to be three aliens. Two were dead, but one seemed to still be alive. That is the one Huffman performed his duties on first.
When Huffman was finished, he was sworn to secrecy by the military personnel who had taken over the area. According to UFO casebook files, with the United States on the verge of entering World War II, everyone on the site was sworn to secrecy as a concern for national security.
Not only were eyewitnesses sworn to secrecy, but research leads to believe that the military also removed all evidence it ever happened. There were pictures allegedly taken that night of men holding one of the alien bodies.
In The Cape Girardeau 1941 UFO Incident, George Dudding explores how A Southern Baptist Minister is drawn into a bizarre, strange, and intriguing mystery when he agrees to lend a hand at an airplane crash outside the city of Cape Girardeau, Missouri during the Spring of 1941 just before the United States enters World War II. There is something strange about the whole incident and the reverend finds himself taking part in a possible military and government cover-up. The events that night will haunt him and his family for years to come.
The Reverends story would eventually be told through Charlotte Mann who was the Reverend's granddaughter, she began to give accounts of the story in the late ‘70s. Reverend Mann told the story to his granddaughter and she had seen pictures of the alleged alien.


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